AI Based Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence in clinical researchAlta Futuris is leading digital transformation services and solutions provider that effectively embed power of Artificial Intelligence in image processing and related diagnostic parameters to get comprehensive historical medical patterns for a definitive conclusion towards underlying treatment. Our strong software skills for AI based healthcare, makes strong use case removing redundancy in routine tasks for medical staff using automation with AI to save precious time. Alta-Futuris team has been looking into variety of problem statements like patient self-service to computer-aided detection (CAD) systems for analysis, as well as image data analysis to find out molecules in drug discovery. our AI endeavor to increase efficiency and convenience by significantly reducing costs and errors, and generally making it easier for more patients to receive the health care they need. Our team of AI experts helps detect fraud, real-time behavior and prevent a data breach.

Alta-Futuris has wide range of services for artificial intelligence in medical science covering streams of Diagnostics, Drug Development, Treatment Personalization, and Gene Editing. With combination of multiple data sources (CT, MRI, genomics and proteomics, patient data, and even handwritten files) in assessing a disease or its progression, Alta-Futuris team leverages its experience for finding valuable patterns. With the help of skills in artificial intelligence in medical science Alta-Futuris team can make solutions featuring accurate, cost-effective decisions in complex analytical processes and can assist for quickly finding out signs of disease in different forms.