5 Amazing Examples of Using Artificial Intelligence in Real-Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing business as we know it, but what many people don’t realize—or at least don’t think about—is how AI is also impacting our lives outside of the office.

Below we mainly take a look at five different ways in which AI is impacting our personal world each and every day.

  1. Farming: There’s no arguing with the fact that artificial intelligence excels at image processing — computers can now “see” almost as well as we can. By effectively deploying mobile technologies with AI and computer vision built in, farmers can find weeds and eradicate them, eliminating the need for spraying on an entire crop. And consequently, this would make the food cleaner, and it saves enormous significant bucks.

It’s just another example of real new technologies, as you could see, that are having a dramatic impact on yields.

  1. Promotes Cyber security: Hackers and potential malware attacks are trying to attack your smart devices to steal your confidential information. AI can be used in cyber security in a preventative and predictable way. For instance, AI prediction technology helps to study millions of files and attacks to understand what exactly makes them up. By comprehending mathematical DNA, individuals and even companies can prevent future attacks.
  2. Helping Wildlife: Thanks to the analysis of massive amounts of data, wildlife transformation can be transformed. With the effective implementation of AI, for instance, researchers can track the movements of animals in real-life. This would help professionals to see where they go and as a result, which species can be protected.
  3. Making driving Safer: In spite of the crashes involving self-driving cars that have become a matter of concern these days, this area of AI could dramatically reduce deaths and injuries on our roads.

As per the reports from the Stanford University, not only will self-driving cars reduce traffic but they could bring significant changes in our lifestyles as well.

People would have more time to work during commutes.

  1. Better Healthcare: With the implementation of AI-driven healthcare system, it could minimize some of the burdens on a system that is struggling to cope with mushrooming demand. Being able to access this technology, healthcare professionals can allow patients to make better health decisions, avoid expensive procedures, and diagnose disease and other health risks earlier. 

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