5 Life-Saving Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence now continues to grow in use across products and services. The technology has also touched nearly every aspect of business and society, from transforming hiring to making marketing more effective to increasing crop yields. But most importantly of all, AI is always hard at work saving lives. So, here are some of the amazing ways that AI is becoming the superhero of the tech world. 

1. Preventing Accidents

Each year, 1.35 million people die from vehicle-related accidents, and more than half of these victims are “vulnerable road users” (e.g., pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists).

As autonomous vehicles become an increasing presence on roadways, there is growing concern about how everyone will share the road safely. A new app, important, aims to minimize the risks of accidents with all certified connected vehicles: cars and trucks, buses, autonomous vehicles, construction equipment—even drones.

The AI-enabled app creates a virtual protection zone around pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists or motorcyclists using their mobile devices. 

2. Improving Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare is one of the most important areas where AI is playing a critical role in saving lives. Despite the extensive training physicians and nurses receive, they cannot identify every ailment or medical condition. Furthermore, Covid-19 has certainly shown the challenges that remain in helping large numbers of critically ill patients. Companies are searching for—and finding—solutions thanks to machine learning and AI.

3. Detecting Medical Conditions

AI can also save lives outside the hospital setting. Corti understands that many medical emergencies occur before or during ambulance dispatch when there are only minutes to save a life. This inspired the company to create an AI-enabled system that can identify cardiac arrest.

4. Improving Pharmaceutical Solutions

Although drugs address medical conditions and save lives, many have side effects that can lead to other health risks. Okwin is one company that has taken on the challenge of improving pharmaceutical solutions through AI-powered medical research and development. 

5. Ending Human Trafficking

Not all threats to life are healthcare-related. The global issue of human trafficking is another pandemic that requires greater attention. Those who are fighting this global scourge have found that AI can come to the rescue of millions of women and children who are being trafficked.

Human life is invaluable and must be protected. From preventing life-threatening traffic accidents to saving the victims of human trafficking, AI is giving human beings a greater chance at safe and happy lives. So, choose Alta Futuris now and enable AI services.

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