Blockchain Technology Adds Link to Digital Manufacturing Success

Most manufacturers, these days, are relentlessly leveraging the different data streams in this mushrooming digital landscape. There’s denying that access to production, supply chain, and customer data allows manufactures to boost productivity and grab new manufacturing opportunities including mass customization.

Personalized immunotherapy drugs, for instance, are significantly used for treating cancer patients. As a product that’s consistently modified based on an individual’s health and their reaction to treatment, this immunotherapy needs a regular flow of information between medical facility, customer, production facility, and manufacturer.

According to Xage Security’s CEO, Duncan Greatwood made a statement that sharing this data across different parties enables manufacturers to automate and scale. The existing solutions, however, are not fully automated and require extensive data extraction.

With the Internet of Things (IoT), the whole process can be fully automated- from the machine that collects information from the patients to the production facility developing a medicine or drug. This would help in saving substantial bucks and can make these treatments easily available. It could be said that data security and accuracy is incredibly important to create a fully automated multi-party solution.

The CEO even added a statement that all manufacturing networks are commonly designed to the Purdue Model, with multiple levels from sensors at the edge to enterprise data centers. But because each layer can only interact one layer up, it becomes potentially daunting to extract data from a sensor and shift it to the data center. Also, it’s prevalent to use standard techniques such as USB drive, and that generally results in theft, data loss, and manipulation.

“Manufacturers need a stringent control down to individual data streams and machines so that multi-location, data sharing, and real-time multi-party cooperation can be enabled with proper security”.

How Alta Futuris with its Blockchain Technology Adds Link to Digital Marketing Success?

Alta Futuris is a highly motivated group of blockchain architects and developers who offer the best blockchain-protected cybersecurity solution helped a multitude of organizations enforcing fully-secured data security for industrial environments resulting in maintain privacy, integrity, and authenticity as the information travels across multiple machines, applications, and even organizations.

The blockchain approach leveraged by the firm has ensured the fact that ensuring authorized access hasn’t made any changes to the data authenticity and data integrity.

Here are some of the key components that indicate how Alta Futuris’ Blockchain technology helps in the success of digital manufacturing.

  • Digitally signing and encrypting the source of data
  • Securely storing the security metadata in the fabric
  • Copying the metadata to all the places that include information.
  • Enabling every authorized user to validate the authenticity and integrity of data.
  • Under the control of policies set by each data producer, sending rough data sharing and access management enforcement.

Final Thoughts

The firm also creates a bunch of opportunities for secure remote work and remote cooperation across a multitude of industries that even include fine-tuned control. Visit and choose the right blockchain software solution that would help organizations of all kinds to adopt advanced technology, improve their productivity, enhance their safety measures, take advantage of new opportunities, and minimize the impact on the environment.

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