COVID-19: The Power of Big Data and AI

COVID-19 or novel coronavirus is a group of viruses that are associated with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the common cold. Public health officials across the world are facing an uphill battle in treating COVID-19 patients as well as in preventing further spread of the virus. Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can assist public health officials in combating the coronavirus by monitoring new cases, tracking the spread of infection, forecasting the impact and even enforcing quarantines.

By asking for professional assistance from a company like Alta Futuris, you will get top-notch AI-powered tools and Big Data analytics tools that can assist in monitoring and tracking COVID-19. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data analysis, Alta Futuris can prove an effective platform containing coronavirus as well as in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the infection.

If we talk about Big Data, it has been widely used to improve our surveillance systems to track the spread of COVID-19. It is helping in geospatially analyzing the spread and thus recommending the individuals to isolate the hotspot. One of the simplest models to analyze the data is the SIR model, which computes the number of infected people. In the SIR model, S stands for many people susceptible to infection, I stand for infected people and R stands for recovered people. However, the SIR model modifies the SEIR model in the case of COVID-19, which depicts an additional state where people have the virus but are not yet infected.

According to WHO, AI and Big Data played a crucial role in China’s response to COVID-19. Taiwan’s use of Big Data assisted officials to contain the spread of coronavirus. Shanghai workers reported that information such as travel history and temperature to Big Data platforms, allowing concerned authorities to use the information in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Moreover, it is possible to identify early signs of the virus outbreak with the assistance of Big Data.

Another useful tool for controlling pandemic is undoubtedly AI. With a contagious disease like COVID-19, surveillance becomes crucial. With AI like Canada based BlueDot, it is possible to track, identify and report the spread of COVID-19, by using machine learning and deep learning approaches. Thermal scanners and cameras have been used to check the body’s temperature and to detect people who do not conform to quarantine. These AI-based multisensory technologies automatically detects individual with fever and recognize their faces, whether they are at airports or hospitals.

The complementary effort of AI technology and Big Data is continuing to grapple with the effects of COVID-19. With AI-powered technology and Big Data tools specifically designed to cater to the requirements of clients, Alta Futuris is creating much-needed hope the world needs in this time of widespread panic.

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