“Do I sound sick to you? Researchers are building AI that would Diagnose COVID-19 by listening to people talk.”

Technology has drastically changed our life and some researchers are now keenly focused on coaching the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to establish audio “signatures” that may diagnose the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by people’s talk.

“Many researchers from Harvard and MIT are utilizing Machine Learning (ML, a subset of AI) to collect the voice recording of COVID-19 patients and uninfected people to spot the virus through their speech”.

The same project, however, is aggressively in progress at Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab.

Though the analysis is in the early stages, the aim is toiling hard to develop robust AI tools or instruments that can detect people whether they are infected with coronavirus by just recording their voice. If it seems to work, people can easily self-isolate themselves even if they can’t afford to have the COVID-19 test.

One of the prominent researchers, Rita Singh at Carnegie Mellon, told Business Insider that “If we can prove that it works well; this would be an easy-to-use tool for businesses when they effectively open up. Individuals can easily talk into the machine and if there’s something wrong, the machine would alert”.

Some of the popular researchers at Harvard and MIT are effectively employing speech audio data from an Israeli startup, Voca.ai that sells AI-powered customer support tools. The co-founder and CTO at Voca.ai, Alan Bekker made a statement to Business Insider that the firm has already set up an efficient web portal for voice recording donations and has successfully obtained over 100 samples from coronavirus patients and other samples from healthy individuals.

There’s no denying that analyzing patients’ speech and coughing as a diagnostic device isn’t new – tussiphonography, or the examination of cough sounds, has been around for many years. Furthermore, some early reviews from medical doctors also encouraged AI researchers that the virus has different results on the patient’s speech and breathing patterns.

But due to considerably limited experience, AI researchers faced several difficulties to fight against COVID-19.

How Alta Futuris’s AI-Enabled Solutions May Help Researchers to Fight COVID-19?

Machine learning-based technologies are playing a substantial role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts are using AI-based solutions (by listening to people’s voices) to diagnose the virus, test potential treatments, analyze the public health impacts, and more.

Alta Futuris is a leading software development company that offers the best AI solutions, mainly voice-enabled assistants that have been augmented with COVID-19 specific uses and availability. The company’s voice to text app automates the process of updating medical records in real-time, interfacing with multiple charting systems.

This ambient system listens, interpret conversations with patients, so you (physician) can enter a room, treat the patient by listening to their voice, and be done charting.

Within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alta Futuris with its AL-enabled solutions designed to accommodate the charting of remote patient encounters and improving charting which may substantially improve the quality of health data available to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

By contacting the company, researchers may leverage the opportunity of the voice-enabled solutions provided.

Final Thoughts

There’s no arguing with the fact that many healthcare practitioners, from physicians to radiology technicians, are facing difficulties working under significant stress brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alta Futuris with its state-of-the-art voice-enabled solutions can help to monitor the COVID-19 patients specifically.

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